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Custocare is a customer service center specializing in helping you manage everything related to our digital content. If you have any questions or requests, please fill out the form below:

What do we do?

Fast and efficient customer service

Custocare provides fast and efficient customer service. We aim to provide our users with a fast and efficient tool that allows them to solve any problems that may arise with the contracted services.

Custocare's aim is to provide you with comprehensive assistance according to your needs, ensuring that your problems are resolved. We have different support options ranging from helplines to technical support to help you effectively resolve any difficulties you may have in the administration or use of your software.

Our service is present in more than 7 countries and we work closely with leading value-added service providers.

Custocare thanks you for your confidence in our service.

What do our users say?


The whole process was easy. The service was very fast and they helped me to cancel my subscription instantly. A service I would definitely recommend.


They managed my request by email and resolved my request in less than 48 hours. Without any inconvenience.


Very grateful. You've helped me to unsubscribe from a service quickly and the attention received has been exquisite.